(g+)economics in the news (continued)

FT: Yen races higher after BoJ disappoints (29/07/2016)


WSJ: Draghi Stops Short of Pledging Fresh Stimulus (21/07/2016) 


MarketWatch: One reason the stock market has been so dang resilient (21/07/2016) 


Dow Jones Business News: ECB Open to Further Stimulus at September Meeting (21/07/2016) 


Reuters News: Hammond to face Brexit grilling at G20 (20/07/2016) 


Bloomberg TV: Will Erdogan Use Coup Attempt to His Advantage? (18/07/2016) 


Reuters: Turkey coup impact seen limited but instability fear remains (17/07/2016) 


FT: Turkey and risk appetite set tone for markets this week (17/07/2016) 


Gestiona Tu Dinero: La inestabilidad en Turquía aumenta la aversión al riesgo (17/07/2016)


Bloomberg TV: Italy’s Banking Woes Spark Fears of Market Contagion (07/07/2016) 


Bloomberg TV: The Brexit Impact on Halting Property Funds (07/07/2016) 


The Telegraph: What does a falling pound mean for the British economy? (06/07/2016) 


Bloomberg TV: The Fed Is Risk Averse Right Now, Says Komileva (06/07/2016) 


Die Welt: UK referendum on the European Union erodes British economic pillars - recession fears (06/07/16) 


Eleconomista.es: El Brexit ya está erosionando los pilares económicos de Reino Unido (06/07/16) 


Bloomberg: Brexit Erodes U.K. Economic Pillars, Property Investors Flee (05/07/16) 


FT: Brexit vote fuels wave of risk aversion (24/06/16) 


Bloomberg TV: Komileva - Eurozone Has Regained Its 'Mojo' Since Crisis (10/06/16) 


Bloomberg TV: Will Negative Rates Eventually Backfire? (09/06/16) 


Bloomberg TV: Will Recession Come With a Brexit Vote? (09/06/16)


Bloomberg Radio: ECB’s Draghi faces an uphill struggle (09/03/16) 


Bloomberg Surveillance: The necessity & side effects of negative interest rates (07/03/16) 


Bloomberg Surveillance: Brexit is weighing in on investor sentiment (07/03/16)  


FT: US jobs data fuel fresh gains for Wall Street (05/03/16)


The Independent: Strong US jobs figures spark talk of another rise in rates (05/03/16) 


FT: Wall Street struggles after strong rally (02/03/2016)


Bloomberg TV: Negative Interest Rates: a Risky Move for the BoJ? Lena Komileva, managing director and chief economist at G Plus Economics, discusses the Bank of Japan adopting negative interest rates and what it means for the economy. She speaks to Bloomberg's Anna Edwards and Manus Cranny. (29/01/16)


MarketWatch: Bank of Japan’s negative rate decision is a mark of ‘desperation’ (29/01/16)


Fortune: Japan Joins The Negative Interest Rate Club (29/01/16) 


FT: Draghi’s dovish comments – economists react (21/01/16) 


DJ/WSJ Market Watch: 4 key takeaways from Draghi’s ‘no limits’ statement (21/01/16)


FT: Mark your calendars for March easing from ECB (21/01/16)


Greece: Markets Need to Get Ready for a Default – BBC

BBC Breakfast: The Greek election result 26 Jan 15 -"What Syriza is proposing is radical, but there's no certainty about how it can be funded"

Bloomberg TV: Komileva says Russian economy is in transition


FT: German short-term sovereign debt yields fall to record low (03/12/15) 


MarketWatch: FTSE 100 yanked lower as ECB stimulus disappoints (03/12/15) 


Reuters: Will ECB's Draghi ever raise rates? Maybe in 2019 (01/12/15)


The Telegraph: Euro jumps and markets drop after ECB stimulus boost disappoints (03/12/15)


FT: Euro surges past $1.08 after ECB announcement (03/12/15)


Reuters: ECB anti-climax takes shine off Draghi (03/12/15) 


fastFT: ECB's Draghi disappoints: A wrap-up of market reactions (03/12/15)


MarketWatch: Here’s how the ECB’s stimulus plans disappointed markets (03/12/15)


WSJ: Morning MoneyBeat Europe: Here Comes Draghi (03/12/15)


Bloomberg TV: What's Priced in Ahead of the ECB Meeting? (30/11/15)


European CEO: The Eurozone crisis isn’t going away any time soon. European CEO caught up with Lena Komileva of G+ Economics to find out where the trouble spots are for the Eurozone and what countries are leading its economic recovery (27/11/15)


Foreign Policy: Another Bailout Won't Keep Greece in the Eurozone (14/08/15)


BBC Radio 4 Today: Komileva discusses the third Greek bailout and the prospect of a second Greek snap election (13/08/15) 


BBC Radio 5 Live Wake Up to Money: Lena Komileva discusses euro break-up risk and Greece with BBC business correspondent David Jones (12/08/15) 


Bloomberg Radio First Word: Komileva on weak ahead (10/08/15)


Bloomberg TV: Greece Is More Out Than In the Euro Zone: Komileva (14/07/15) 


Bloomberg Surveillance: Komileva, Zimbalist and Malkoutzis (13/07/15) 


Bloomberg: "The First Word" - Komileva on Greece (06/07/15) 


MarketWatch/WSJ: US Labor-force participation drops to lowest level since 1977 (02/07/15)  


Bloomberg Surveillance: Komileva, Zimbalist and Malkoutzis - Bloomberg Surveillance with Tom Keene and Michael McKee. GUESTS: Lena Komileva Managing Dir/Chief Economist G Plus Economics Ltd On Greece Andrew S Zimbalist Sports Economist Smith College On Olympic bidding process, Boston. Nick Malkoutzis Deputy Editor Kathimerini Publishing SA on Greece latest (30/06/15) 


FT: Greek uncertainty hits European stocks (30/06/15) 


CNBC: Lena Komileva, chief economist for G+ Economics, talks about the risks of contagion in Europe's economy (29/06/15) 


Bloomberg TV: Greece - Markets Need to Get Ready for a Default - Komileva (25/06/15)


Bloomberg TV: Without ECB Support, 'Grexit' Is Inevitable: Komileva. G Plus Economics Chief Economist and Managing Director Lena Komileva discusses the Greek debt crisis with Bloomberg's Anna Edward on "Countdown." (25/06/15)  


Bloomberg TV: G Plus Economics Chief Economist Lena Komileva discusses U.S. interest rates and when she thinks the fed will raise them. She speaks to Bloomberg's Anna Edwards on "Countdown"  (24/06/2015) 


BBC Breakfast TV: Lena Komileva discusses latest EU-Greece progress with BBC Markets and Economics correspondent Ben Thompson (23/06/15)


BBC Radio 4 Today: Deal or no deal - Greece offers last-minute proposals ahead of emergency EU Summit (22/06/15)


Jornal de Negócios – Portugal: Lena Komileva: "Liquidez excessiva levou à subavaliação do risco" (11/06/15) 


Noticias ao Minuto: Lena Komileva "Riscos financeiros não estão descontados nos mercados" (11/06/15) 


Jornal de Negócios – Portugal: Komileva : BCE "vai estender os estímulos" além de 2016 (10/06/15) 


FT: Stocks undermined by bond volatility (05/06/15)


Reuters: US 10-year yield at seven-month peak (05/06/15) 


MarketWatch: Germany's bond rout is a taste of things to come (04/06/15) 


Bloomberg TV: European Rate Decision Day (03/06/15)


Reuters: Yields rise to three-week peaks in line with German bonds (03/06/15) 


MarketWatch: ECB Live Blog (03/06/15) 


Reuters: US yields rise to three-week peaks in line with German bonds (03/06/15) 


Barron's: Yellen Talks, Markets Yawn (28/02/15)


FT: S&P 500 hits record after Yellen remarks (24/02/15)


Bloomberg: Greek Deal Kickstarts Best Day Since QE for Periphery’s Bonds (23/02/15)


Bloomberg: Greek Deal Sparks Bond Rally Powering Portugal Yields to Record (23/02/15)


Ekathimerini.com: Greek bonds may lead periphery higher after funding deal struck (22/02/15)


Bloomberg: The Real Battle Over Greece Still Lies Ahead (21/02/15)


Bloomberg: The First Word: Komileva on Fed (20/02/15)


BBC 24 News and Business Report: Lena Komileva discusses the emergency Eurogroup meeting & Greece negotiations (11/02/15)


BBC World Business Report: Europe Reacts to Greek Election (27/01/15)


BBC Breakfast: Lena Komileva discusses the implications of the Greek lections with Steph McGovern, Bill Turnbull and Louise Minchin in Manchester (26/01/15)


BBC Radio 4 "Today" programme: Could Greece leave the eurozone? (05/01/15)


BBC Radio World Service: Can the Eurozone Cope Without Greece? (05/01/15)


WSJ: Choppy global economic outlook (02/01/15)


24 Ore: Le carte di Draghi (31/12/14)


The Bloomberg Advantage: Laszlo Birinyi, Lena Komileva (31/12/14)


Toyo Keizai: The Eurozone in 2015 and 2025 (19/12/14)


Finantial Times: Stocks jump after China cuts rates (21/11/14)

The Washington Post / Bloomberg: Draghi Ramps Up ECB Stimulus Pledge as Inflation Outlook Weakens (21/11/14)

The Wall Street Journal: ECB Needs More Voices, Greater Transparency to Save Euro (06/11/14)

Bloomberg: ECB Drops Anchor as Deflation Looms (03/10/14) - Lena Komileva of G+ Economics was the first economist in the market to highlight that the ECB has dropped its historic reference to "anchored" inflation expectations.

International Business Times: Scottish Independence: As Banks Make Dire Warnings, Economists Wait For Details (12/09/14)

New York Times: Risk of recession looms in anemic Eurozone (15/08/14)

FT Video - The Auther's Note: Is the world really ready for higher rates? (26/03/14)

Financial Times: Global shares rally after taper move (19/12/13)

Financial Times: Stocks jump after robust US jobs data (6/12/13)

Financial Times: Dollar up as markets ponder taper timing (31/10/13)

Financial Times: Stocks jump after robust US jobs data (6/12/13) 

Financial Times: Wall Street recovers from early decline (15/10/13)

BBC 5Live "Drive": US debt talks continue (15/10/13)

BBC World Business Report: US debt ceiling deadlock (15/10/13)

The Independent: Economy grows, but manufacturing slips (10/10/13)

Barron's: Winning at "American Roulette" (5/10/13)

FT Alphaville: The ECB's very own tapering problem (24/09/13)

Bloomberg/Businessweek: Europe Muddles to German Vote as To-Do List Grows (14/08/13)

Bloomberg Column: The Next Phase of the Eurozone Crisis (15/07/13)

Financial Times: Equity rally curbed on wider global concerns (13/07/13)

Reuters/Chicago Tribune: Analysis: Euro zone survival? Depends on where you work (03/07/13)

Financial Times: Equities and government bonds advance (26/06/13)

Welt am Sonntag: Bernanke spricht, die Börse fällt (23/06/13)

IBT: Asian Stock Markets Stressed (27/05/13)

Bloomberg TV: Komileva Sees Default Risks in Europe's Periphery (10/04/12)

WSJ.com: ECB Press Conference (04/04/13)

Euronews: No jobs, no growth (02/04/13)

BBC 5 Live Wake Up to Money: Cyprus deal undermines euro convertibility; BBC Podcasts: Cyprus Bailout (26/03/2013)

BBC News: UK Budget (20/03/13)

Bloomberg TV: Eurozone Default Cycle is Not Over (19/03/2013)

BBC Radio 4 Today's Programme: Lena Komileva discusses the markets' reaction to the Cyprus deposit tax proposal, with Simon Jack (18/03/13)

FT Markets: Italian poll disarms the ECB’s big bazooka (27/02/13) 

BBC News: UK loses top AAA credit rating for the first time sunce 1978. Breaking news with Chancellor George Osborne, shadow chancellor Ed Balls, BBC chief economics correspondent Hugh Pym and City economist Lena Komileva. (22/02/13)

Reuters Blog: Still not thinking the very thinkable on Britain’s future. Andy Bruce and Lena Komileva on UK GDP forecasts. (20/02/13)

Bloomberg's "The Hays Advantage": G+ Economics' Komileva Discusses G20 Message (15/02/2013)

Reuters News: Short-term euro rates fall after weak GDP data (14/02/13)

Reuters News: U.S. business bruised by budget fight (25/01/13)

Bloomberg guest column: Komileva on the need for Davos attendees to avoid a false sense of security (23/01/2013)

Reuters: Japan Easing, Eurozone Data May Offer Hope for World Economy (20/01/13)

Bloomberg Radio's Surveilance with Tom Keene: Komileva Says Cliff Is Symptom of `Deeper Disease', with Sarah Eisen and Ken Prewitt (02/01/13)

FT: UK Economists Survey 2013 (01/01/13)

The Washington Post with Bloomberg: Euro ends 2-year slump on Draghi backstop (29/12/12)

Bloomberg Businessweek: Mark Carney - Shedding Light on Shadow Banking (18/11/12)


Bloomberg FX12 Summit: Lena Komileva discusses EMIR and regulatory challenges in FX Derivatives markets; available on Bloomberg (16/10/12)


BBC World Service: What will the Spanish bailout mean? Lesley Curwen talks to Bob Parker, senior adviser to UBS, and Lena Komileva of G+ Economics, about the implications. (11/06/12) 


CNBC: Lena Komileva, chief economist at G+ Economics, tells CNBC, "Spain will resist a bailout for as long as possible because of the politics involved." (08/10/12)


BBC Viewpoints: US Elections (05/11/12)


BBC World Service: Austerity vs Growth; Prof. Iain Beggs (LSE), Lena Komileva (G+ Economics), Sony Kapoor (Re-Define) and Stephanie Blankenburg (SOAS); with Stefanie Flanders, BBC Economics Editor (10/05/12)

Barron's: A Romance That Lingers On - US Treasuries still hold allure for investors (29/12/12)


Reuters: Spain Bond Sale Volume Below Maximum (05/12/12)


Bloomberg TV: Lena Komileva, chief economist at G+ Economics Ltd., talks about the ECB's announcement of new government bond purchases this month. She talks with Guy Johnson (06/08/12)


BBC News: Germany's AAA credit rating on 'negative outlook': Jim' O'Neill of Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Lena Komileva of G+ Economics agree on the implications of the latest developments for the Eurozone (24/07/12) 


BBC Radio 4: Lesley Curwen talks to Lena Komileva on the European market contagion and the outlook for policy (24/07/12)


WSJ: Mario Draghi's ECB Conference (04/10/12)


WSJ: Economic Unease Looms After US Election; Fears about the fiscal cliff - video (07/11/12)


CNBC: The Euro is Breakable: Lena Komileva, chief economist at G+Economics: "The euro is breakable, maybe not now, but certainly not never” (23/07/12)


BBC 5 Live's "Wake up to Money": A European Tipping Point? As the eurozone crisis continues Germany is threatened with a possible downgrade of its triple A-rated economy, Greece is bracing itself for an audit by its lenders and Spain and Italy have banned short-selling of shares. Lena Komileva talks to Jemery Nailor (24/07/12)


Financial Times: How Low Will Bond Yields Go? Lena Komileva predicts that the rally is Bunds is not over yet. (27/06/12)

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Bloomberg Opinion: The Federal Reserve Faces Its Greatest Pandemic Test Yet (06/09/2021)


Bloomberg Opinion: Is the ECB Ready for its Credibility Test? (13/07/2021)


FT Markets Opinion: The answer to inflation fears lies in ending Covid disruption (07/07/2021)



FT Opinion: Markets will soon pivot to focus on sustainability of recovery (25/03/2021) 


Bloomberg Opinion | Economics: Public Debt Isn't the Problem, Soaring Deficits Are (15/03/2021)  


FT: ECB pledges to step up pace of stimulus to counter market sell-off (11/03/2021) 


Bloomberg TV: 2021 Will be the `Bounce Back' Year for Inflation - January is shaping up to be a pivotal month in determining whether the nascent U.S. reflation trade can really gather steam in 2021. "Every single bit of the market is telling us that there is an excess of financial overhang of inflation that's just waiting to ripen as we move out of the pandemic," G+ Economics Managing Partner & Chief Economist Lena Komileva said on "Bloomberg Markets: European Open." (04/01/2021) 


Bloomberg TV: G+ Economics Chief Economist Lena Komileva on Brexit Deal - G+ Economics Managing Partner & Chief Economist Lena Komileva speaks to Bloomberg about the historic post-Brexit deal and what it means for both the EU and the U.K.  (24/12/2020) 


Bloomberg Opinion | Economics: The Case for Keeping Europe’s Negative Rates Where They Are, Komileva writes for Bloomberg Opinion (14/12/2020)


Börsen-Zeitung: Top Eurozone economists interviewed for President Lagarde's 1 Year anniversary (27/10/2020)



FT: Fraying ECB consensus poses diplomatic challenge for Lagarde (05/10/2021) 


FT: ECB chief economist warns against complacency over recovery (11/09/2020)


Bloomberg TV: Lena Komileva gives her reaction to ECB President Lagarde’s policy press conference and the latest standoff in UK-EU Brexit negotiations. She speaks to Vonnie Quinn on Bloomberg TV (10/09/2020)


FT: ECB to monitor rise of euro after keeping rates on hold (10/09/2020)


FT: ECB to buy up ‘fallen angel’ bonds to cushion euro zone economy - Economists warn over plan to expand €750bn programme to include riskier debts (26/04/2020) 


FT Long View: Mind the gap between the markets and the real economy (18/04/2020) 


Market Talk Roundup: Coronavirus Removes Safety Net for Investors, G+ Economics Says (09/04/2020) 


FT Market Forces: A chasm between Wall Street and economic winter (09/04/2020) 


WSJ/Dow Jones: Coronavirus Removes Security of Central Bank Aid, G+ Economics Says -- Market Talk

Investors Must Learn to Reprice Assets After Pandemic -- Market Talk

Sustained Recovery Seen a Long Way Off -- Market Talk

Coronavirus Hit an Already Fragile Economy, G+ Economics Says -- Market Talk

Pandemic Amplifies Cracks in Financial System -- Market Talk

Scope for 'New Level of Entrepreneurship' After Crisis -- Market Talk (09/04/2020) 


International Financing Review: Fed launches repo program for foreign central banks (31/03/2020) 


Bloomberg TV: Global Economy Set for Battering Not Seen in Decades - The coronavirus pandemic is not a "black swan" so much as "a series of extraordinary events that have opened up several lines of global systemic fragility," according to Lena Komileva, chief economist at G Plus Economics. She speaks to Anna Edwards on "Bloomberg Markets: European Open." (25/03/2020)  


FT Market Forces: Softening the blow is not a cure (18/03/2020) 


FT Market Forces: A fiscal and monetary prescription (11/03/2020) 


FT: Lagarde to confront coronavirus crisis at ECB policy meeting (09/03/2020) 


FT: Fed decision to go it alone bucks history of collaboration (05/03/2020)


FT Market Forces: Failing to calm the churning waters (03/03/2020) 


FT: Investors seek clues on new thinking as Lagarde launches ECB review (23/01/2020) 


FT: ECB’s new faces give investors pause for thought over policy shifts (13/01/2020)


FT: Eurozone economy set to slow further in 2020 — FT poll (26/12/2019) 


FT poll: Christine Lagarde expected to change ECB inflation target (22/12/2019) 


Bloomberg Surveillance: Stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities. Lena Komileva joins Francine Lacqua in London and Tom Keene in New York. (12/12/2019)


FT Market Forces: Jamming the pause button for an extended period (11/12/2019)


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