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City of London market economics delivering G+ economic outlook, macro-financial analysis and trend forecasting from the heart of global capital markets.


At the cutting edge of leading industry debates about the global economy, in a multi-polar, reflexive global financial industry, we provide insight on the parameters that move policy and inform strategic planning. 


Exclusive policy insight, a holistic analytical framework and practical financial risk analysis, with no vested interests, hidden sale fees or conflicts of interest. 

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Our market economics model takes into account six core geo-economic variables - growth, inflation, policy, currency, leverage and concentration - and three key macro-institutional inputs - market trends, asset implications, and cross-asset portfolio characteristics - to devise a client service, your client service. 

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About Lena Komileva


Lena Komileva is managing partner and chief economist at G+ Economics, an international market research and economic intelligence consultancy based in London. She has spent two decades advising CEOs in banking, custodial, brokerage, and financial consulting services as head of market economics for the largest European government bonds broker in the world, as a regular voice at policy and industry forums, and as an economic adviser, working with such institutions as the World Gold Council, McKinsey & Co., and the UK Parliament.


Ms. Komileva’s research focuses on monetary policy, international finance, capital flows, financial innovation, and regulation. She is a regular commentator for Bloomberg, the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, the BBC, and other quality media outlets. Ms. Komileva has a BA in economics and an MSc in economics from the London School of Economics. 

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We will assist you with timely insights in identifying macro-economic risks and financial factors specific to policy, strategic management and treasury.

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Our consultancy covers core economies, financial markets, regulatory initiatives and policy trends to support your value-creation process.

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Get complimentary compliance-ready research solutions for your operations from an industry-compliant team of fintech partners. 

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